How to eat well, boost your immune system and keep viruses at bay


Many are taking every precaution they can against coronavirus, and where better to start than by boosting your own immune system through eating healthy? Nutritionists and chefs are stepping up to offer tips on how to enhance your body’s natural defenses.

The threadfin hits the pan with a sizzle. This seasoned chef barely uses the spatula as the fish dances in the pan over a low heat.

Before long it’s ready to eat. Crunchy outside, tender inside, it’s not just a feast for the senses. It’s also full of protein and a great boost for the immune system. Fish, seafood and lean meats are all good sources of protein. This restaurant is offering customers a complimentary bowl of hearty garlic and pork soup as soon as they sit down.

Hsieh Chun-lan
Restaurant chef
As soon as you order we bring a complimentary big bowl of garlic and pork soup. Why? Because it can increase your immune system’s strength and resistance.

Another great immune booster is bok choy, blanched and then sauteed to preserve all the B vitamins of the leafy greens. This nutritionist recommends yellow and red veggies like carrots and peppers.

Liu I-li
Taiwan Adventist Hospital nutritionist
I recommend eating enough fruit and especially vegetables. Green vegetables, which are rich in B vitamins, can improve our immune system health. Sufficient vitamin C intake is important too. That can come from fruits like guava, cherry tomatoes, papaya and citrus fruits. These are all in season right now and very high in vitamin C.

She also says that to keep the virus at bay, it’s better to eat foods cooked and not raw.

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