Fall fish harvest arrives, bringing a wealth of seafood hotpots and congee recipes

As the weather gets colder, it’s time to think about turning to a wintry menu. And what better way to strengthen up than a warming fish dish? Taiwan’s local fish harvest is at its peak right now. There are many species to choose from, including milkfish, tiger groupers, bass and porgy.

Fresh Taiwan porgy is sliced. Seasonal vegetables are bathed in a fresh stock to produce a filling seafood hotpot. Fall and winter is when Taiwan’s fish and seafood harvest peaks, making fish a perfect choice for warming hotpots, nutritious congees, or a simple fry-up.

Huang Ching-lung
Taiwanese restaurant head chef
Sometimes when we make some congee for breakfast, we can add milkfish maw, and throw in some sliced ginger and scallions – that makes a really delicious, traditional milkfish congee. For tiger grouper steaks, we can also use some dried black beans, which are traditional, or some pickled white radish, and then steam it in clear soup.

Taiwan’s local catch includes porgy, milkfish, bass and tiger groupers. They’re all high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. This chef says if you’re at the supermarket, look out for the freshest fish in vacuum skin packs.

Huang Ching-lung
Taiwanese restaurant head chef
Vacuum skin packs use the vacuum technology to – firstly, it’s really nice and fresh. Secondly, the quality of the meat and its color is beautiful, because it’s been isolated from the air. And then also it’s been fixed down. It won’t flop about like fish traditionally would.

Well-known supermarkets are offering various promos on their fish right now, to take advantage of the harvest season. One brand is offering a cash discount of NT$10 on any purchase of two Taiwan fish products. It’s a great time to strengthen up before winter sets in.


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