Taipei street stall serves up noodles with four toppings

What’s your favorite type of seafood? Oysters, squid, or shrimp? If you can’t choose just one, that’s OK. Let’s visit a Taipei street vendor that sells a mean bowl of noodles with not one but four tasty toppings.

Chitterlings, fresh oysters ,five whole whiteleg shrimp and Penghu squid. With noodles throughout the cod-based soup, every mouthful is a taste sensation.

The chef stirs the noodle and soup mixture constantly, allowing the noodles to absorb maximum liquid.

The soup itself is made to a unique – and secret – recipe.

Chien Chun-gu
Restaurant owner
Our noodles have a pretty strong floury taste, so we use a rather special method to get rid of that flouriness. Stirring the noodles distributes them more evenly and makes them softer.

Meanwhile the seafood toppings must all be cooked separately.

Cooking on high heat means they keep a fresh and sweet flavor.

Chien Chun-gu
Restaurant owner
We use the highest heat so the fresh flavor is locked immediately into the seafood.

The amber-colored noodles are topped with squid, oysters, chitterlings stewed for an hour, and finally the cherry on the cake: whiteleg shrimp.

Chien Chun-gu
Restaurant owner
Someone in my family decided to retire, and asked if I would like to come back and take the business over. I thought this is a really great traditional dish, and so we came back to take it on.

That’s how these two brothers became owners of the old stall. Since then they’ve added their own creative innovations, keeping the tradition of noodles alive.

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