Su’ao Fishermen’s Association launches Mid-Autumn seafood gift box

Su’ao Fishermen’s Association launches Mid-Autumn seafood gift box.
Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up soon. Apart from the classic moon cake, there’ll be lots of other goodies available to celebrate the season. In Yilan, the Su’ao Fishermen’s Association is launching a Mid-Autumn seafood gift box. It features eight different marine delicacies, including the mahi-mahi, or dolphinfish.
Beltfish are rolled into flowers and sizzle in the pan. Eat them while they’re hot. Next up, white shrimp are fried pink.
Scallops, bigger than coins, are sauteed until golden.
And swordtip squid go into the pan as well. With a little salt and pepper, they’re a delicious side dish.
Then it’s time for the meat and fish course. Firm but chewy, these sausages are dotted with fish roe, a surprise with every bite.
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Did you hear that? Pop, pop, pop. And it’s very juicy. Delicious.
This is Yilan’s freshest catch. The Mid-Autumn gif tboxes from Su’ao contain eight types of seafood, such as Japanese jack mackerel, squid, scallops, shrimps, and fish roe sausage. New on the menu this year are the mahi-mahi steaks and the beltfish flowers. But there’s a limited release of just 1,500 boxes.
Tsai Yuan-lung
Su’ao Fishermen’s Association
There are no bones. We cut the whole fish down the middle and already deboned it. It’s also suitable for children to eat.
Chen Chun-sheng
Su’ao Fishermen’s Association
Because of the pandemic, transport costs have risen lately. We’ve introduced our mahi-mahi steaks, especially to keep our mahi-mahi prices stable.
Export costs are high due to COVID, and domestic restaurants are in crisis. The whole market is in disarray. For these fishermen, directly selling their own boxes is a good solution and a way to recoup some losses over the Mid-Autumn period.
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