Oyster shells make a safe, quick and easy heat bag for instant meals

Heat packs are a common sight in the winter, but have you ever used one to cook a meal? A new product made from oyster shells promises to cook a meal safely and quickly and reduce pollution at the same time. The Fisheries Research Institute has developed the heat bag as a new source of income for fishing communities.
Open the heat bag and place it with water into the box. With the food in a separate layer, put the lid on for five minutes, and watch the steam escape as the food cooks.
These heat bags contain oyster shells. When water is added, a chemical reaction occurs, releasing heat and bringing the temperature up to 80 degrees C. That’s enough to heat up a normal instant meal packet. Every year, more than 20,000 tons of oyster shells are thrown away in Taiwan, unused. That’s why the Fisheries Research Institute funded this innovation, to make a product from waste shells.
Chen Chun-ju
Fisheries Research Institute head
In fishing villages in Changhua, Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan, you can see piles of oyster shells accumulate. It causes environmental pollution. This product could be especially useful for senior citizens, as it’s more convenient and safe. Another market to consider is the growing number of campers. People usually go to camp in the mountains, and there they might want to have a bit of seafood. This is a great product that’s easy to take with you.
The institute is releasing a set that includes the heat bag with an instant meal made of several fish. The oyster shell heat bags are environmentally friendly, but also cheap to produce and safe.
Yeh Nien-tzu
Fisheries Research Institute
Most heat bags on the market are still mostly made with calcium oxide. The natural oyster shell heat bags from the Fisheries Research Institute are made from about 80% oyster shells. Their advantage, the difference between them and others on the market, is that their ingredients are more natural, and also they’re very cheap to produce.
The institute is currently applying for a patent and hopes to keep improving the quality of the products.
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