New Taipei Mayor Eric Chu attends press conference for delicious Wanli crabs

Autumn is crab season. Three years ago, New Taipei’s Wanli established its own brand of crabs, which attracted the attention of hotels and restaurants. Today, the New Taipei City government held a Wanli crab feast displaying 30 different crab dishes to the public.
New Taipei Mayor Eric Chu picks up these delicious crab legs. The event is to promote Wanli crabs, with many restaurants coming together to offer crabs in Taiwanese, French and Italian styles. This particular crab is done in a French style as it’s baked into a quiche.
Chung Yi-ting
Hotel Chef
In addition to the freshness of this meat, it has the aroma of cream.
Even desserts can be made with a little crabmeat.
“Crab is mixed with avocado and mayonnaise along with seasoning to create a mix between a Taiwanese and western style dish.”
In 2012, the Wanli crab brand was created. Chu believes that ensuring quality is the most important way to protect the brand image.
Eric Chu
New Taipei Mayor
At various seafood restaurants or fishing harbors, you can see examples of Wanli crab. We must ensure its quality and hope it could be sustainable and coexist with nature.
Businesses are hoping to appeal to consumers by launching special seafood gift boxes to coincide with the arrival of the Mid Autumn Festival.
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