National Fishermen’s Association opens online fish market for Lunar New Year

A New Year spread is not complete without a taste of the ocean. Traditional holiday markets are called off this year, but that won’t stop families stocking up on fish for New Year. The National Fishermen’s Association has opened an online fish market to cater to all your seafood needs.
Fish is a vital part of a New Year dinner. But this year, there’s a twist.
Green onions are fried in lard, with shrimps and cabbage rounding out the sweetness.
Finally pencil squid and golden pomfret complete the dish and rice noodles soak up the juices.
Chiu Yao-i
Normally at Lunar New Year we would always fry a fish at home, and we would leave it on there for ages. Actually we can also do a fish head casserole, or braised fish, we can apply all those. You can choose some of the fish we just demonstrated from the National Fishermen’s Association. They’ve all had their guts, scales and gills removed.
The hamaguri clam also makes an energy-boosting soup. This chef teaches cookery online, and with fish markets shut this New Year, we’ll be doing our fish shopping online too.
The golden pomfret, tiger grouper, and golden barramundi are all very reasonably priced these days, while the fourfinger threadfin is 20 to 30% cheaper than it was this time last year.
Lin Chi-tsang
National Fishermen’s Association
Together with social media retailers, we’ve specially set up this online fish market, a new service format. Here we’re offering seasonal local produce from each regional fishermen’s association. They’re all sent fresh, refrigerated all the way directly to your home.
This year we’ll miss out on the bustling crowds of traditional markets, but we can still enjoy the fresh taste of Taiwan’s waters.
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