Kinmen to host month-long clam festival to draw tourists to the island

Kinmen is trying to attract tourists to the island’s many offerings. And in July it will host the 2012 Kinmen Clam Festival, which will run for a month and include activities such as kite surfing and a battle of the bands.
Hoping to overcome its image as a front line battlefield, Kinmen is trying to attract summertime tourists through the 2012 Kinmen Clam Festival. Jinhu Township is famous for these clams, and Kinmen offers beautiful beaches, sand and other popular summertime attractions.
Li Wo-shi
Kinmen County Magistrate
Our beaches are very beautiful and the water is very clean, so these clams grow naturally. These clean beaches mean that many township residents can dig these clams by hand.
A special cross-strait battle of the bands competition will also take place, with participants asked to specially adapt a Teresa Teng song for the competition.
Li Wo-shi
Kinmen County Magistrate
We used to say that late at night we listen to Teresa Teng and in the day time we listen to Deng Xiaoping. This is the reason we decided to ask participants to adapt Teresa Teng songs for this competition.
Kinmen’s Clam Festival begins on July 7 and will last for one month.
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