Fishermen and restaurants put invasive snakehead on the menu

Sun Moon Lake is struggling to deal with an invasive fish that threatens indigenous wildlife. The giant snakehead is a ferocious predator, and has multiplied rapidly in Sun Moon Lake in recent years. They’re crowding out other species, and locals have had enough. Fishermen and restaurants are trying to curb the snakehead’s rise, by putting it on the menu.
Fish fries on a high flame. This appetizing snakehead casserole is full of vegetables and herbs.
A giant snakehead fillet fries in the pan until golden. It comes off the heat and is delicious sprinkled with a little pepper. If you want a clearer hit of fish, try this steamed snakehead, part of the restaurant’s Snakehead Three Ways menu. A local fisherman caught the fish in Sun Moon Lake.
Chen Peng-jui
Restaurant owner
The catch isn’t that big yet. The fishermen aren’t saying they’re going to catch loads for us, so the numbers are quite low at the moment. It’s not very fixed, and it might not be here every time you come.
All the locals know the snakehead is a menace to Sun Moon Lake’s ecology. Every fish that is caught is a relief for other creatures in the lake.
Restaurant customer
The giant snakehead is profoundly destructive to the ecology of Sun Moon Lake and the local ecology in general. Locally we’re calling on folk to catch them. It would be great if we can wipe them out to a large extent. That would be killing two birds with one stone.
The local government enacts some policies to try and keep the snakehead in check, but to little avail. It’s very successful at reproducing in Sun Moon Lake, where it has almost no predators. The only animal that can threaten a snakehead is a human. If you’re visiting the scenic area anytime soon, why not do your bit by ordering a plate of snakehead from the menu.
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