Danhai light rail makes almost half of income from side ventures

The Danhai light rail opened in 2018 as an extension of the New Taipei metro. With just 13,000 passengers a day, it operates at a loss. But its side ventures are a roaring success, making almost half the company’s income. That’s attracting attention from even the most successful of metro companies. From gigantic adverts on its bridges, to valuable fish on its roof, Danhai has a wealth of side hustles.
Driving past the Danhai light rail bridge, you see a row of bridge piers emblazoned with a gigantic canvas advert.
While at Danhai light rail maintenance depot, a retention basin has been made into a habitat for water plants and the valuable Chinese sturgeon.
And on the top floor, an array of solar panels installed by the manufacturer. Underneath the company is growing low-potassium vegetables, and under that: Chinese sturgeon fry. These are all sources of side income for New Taipei Metro Corporation.
The company’s annual profit from these side ventures is a whopping NT$47 million. Now they’re sharing their expertise with the metro companies of Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung.
Hsieh Kuo-sung
New Taipei Metro Corporation
We try to adopt an experimental spirit everywhere in Danhai light rail, including in smart agriculture and high-tech collaborations. We all want to promote this field. Regarding profits – our side ventures represent about 47% of our overall income.
Since the light rail opened in 2018, it has transported an average of 13,000 passengers a day. It’s still operating at a loss, last year losing NT$160 million. Their future diversification plans include helping find uses for disused land in the area, and selling lunch boxes.
Here is a quote from https://is.gd/SlVIra